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2015 Mantra: Ashley Koff, RD

by Ashley Koff, RD

“You are NOT what you eat, you are what you digest and absorb. Many of us experience stress at some point in our days. Did you know that any stress diverts attention from digestion? Additionally, stress, nutrition choices and other health factors (medications, surgery, illness) can negatively impact the health of our digestive tract. 2015 will be the year of the “Gut Check (Up)” where we better realize that without a healthy gut (digestive tract) the “health” part of our 2015 goals can’t happen. At Ashley Koff Approved we are obsessed with creating healthy guts through Better Nutrition, Simplified. Take the AKA Digestive Tune-Up to see what you may benefit from adding or subtracting to your nutrition this year. Some of our favorite tools include Symbiotics Colostrum.

The AKA Digestive Tune Up

Get pre, pro’s, and sym’s…biotics in you: Our digestive tract relies on good bacteria (those are your digestive health “pros”) to dilute the impact of bad bacteria that can and will always find their way into us. But those pros don’t function optimally on their own. If you are already taking an AKA probiotic, or if you consider adding one during your tune up, you also need your pre and Symbiotics. Prebiotics are quality fibers that combined with alkaline forming foods like water with lemon and organic greens to feed and help create an optimal environment for the good bacteria. But there’s more. Symbiotics help to maintain a healthy digestive tract lining – so they work symbiotically with probiotics to maintain a healthy digestive system.

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