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6 Veggies With Protein

Vegetables aren’t always typically known for being a great source of protein, but there are some sneaky ones out there that have a pretty good amount! Here are some plant-based ways to get this essential nutrient.


Each half-cup contains three and a half grams of protein.


You’ll find three grams of protein in a half cup of spinach.

Baked Potato

Another stealth source of protein? Potatoes! A medium-sized one contains three grams.


Broccoli’s not just filled with fiber (2.6 grams per half cup)—it’s also a great source of protein, with two grams per serving.

Brussels Sprouts

These little green guys get a bad rap, but they’re actually nutritional superstars: Each half cup packs two grams of protein, along with 247 milligrams of potassium and 110 micrograms of vitamin K.


OK, we know that corn is technically a grain. But you can find it in the produce aisle—and you’ll be glad to know that half a cup of kernels provides two grams of filling protein.

Diets that are deficient in protein reduce both the numbers and function of T cells. Stay healthy with Symbiotics Colostrum Powder and great sources of protein.

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