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7 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning

It’s so simple to juice half a lemon into your water every morning and the benefits are just too good to ignore.




Digestion: Lemons and limes are high in minerals and vitamins that help loosen toxins in the digestive tract. 

Hydration: Starting the day with this cup can help prevent dehydration.

Cleansing properties: The juice from the lemon can act as a natural diuretic, helping to flush unwanted toxins out.

Supports Immune System: Lemons are high in vitamin C and potassium which can help boost the immune system.

Freshens Breath: Lemon water is effective in freshening up your breath due to the citric acid.

Clears Skin: The vitamin C in a lemon can help decrease blemishes by flushing toxins from the blood, which can help to clear the skin.

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