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The First, Best Step 1 to Better Health

by Ashley Koff, RD

Millions of us have already taken a step 1 – we committed to a cleanse or a gym or a new wearable tracking device or even made an appointment with a dietitian – to get our health on path in 2015. But there’s actually a step before that that you will want to make sure you take so that any and all efforts get optimal impact this year and beyond.

The first, best Step 1 to better health begins at the core – your core, actually – to optimize digestion before you do anything else.

Optimal digestion means that food gets broken down into nutrients, and those nutrients get to where they need to go, and that they get used efficiently by your bod. Optimal digestion means that what shouldn’t stay is recognized and removed. Optimal digestion also means that your immune system gets the messages it needs – directly, fast and correctly.

So what is the best step 1? How should you optimize your digestion? While there are general good ideas for all – consume probiotics, prebiotics and Symbiotics, reduce or remove added sugars, add magnesium, eliminate chemistry lab projects etc. – the truth is that Step 1 is to figure out what your digestive system needs to be in optimal health. So I created this quiz and these tips to help you get started

The AKA(Ashley Koff Approved) Digestive Tune Up– take the quiz, sort out what needs attention, and get at it NOW so that everything else you are doing translates to optimal success this month, this quarter, this year and beyond! 2015 – we SO got this!

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