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Keep Children Healthy During Summer Months

Once school is out, it’s easy to get caught up in lazy summer days, especially for children with video games, TV marathons and social media. Keep your children healthy during summer months with these tips:

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For food and snacks:

  • Put all healthy foods like veggies and fresh fruit at eye level.
  • Let your children pick out healthy foods at the store and prepare it at home.
  • Add leafy vegetables such as spinach to smoothies to add fiber and vitamins.
  • Add fresh or frozen fruit to water for calorie-free flavor and as an alternative to soda and other sugary drinks.

For activities & exercise:

-For younger children who aren’t going away to camp, have play dates.
-Children away at camp should include physical activities in their daily routine.
-Create a fun route and make walking your pet a fun activity to get your heart rate pumping.
-Make a summer bucket list of activities that includes games to play, places to go, friends to play with, activities you can try at home.

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