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Let’s Talk Kids’ Health: Twitter Chat Recap

Dr. Greene and Ashley Koff, RD paired up on Twitter last night to discuss how we can keep our children healthy and happy in the year. Beginning with having a healthy holiday to how important happiness is for immune health. Check out the Q & A:

Dr. Grenne: We’re thinking a lot about viral illnesses this time of year. What do you do to support kids’ immunity?

Ashley Koff:

  • Best ‘boost’ foods are nutrient-dense w/o chemistry lab projects so choose organic/dye free.
  • Viruses can still benefit from good bacteria so I like organic, cultured foods &/or a quality probiotic.
  • Sugar suppresses immune system so don’t OD on it – especially hidden added sugars in breads, sauces etc.
  • Your freezer can be the best offense against a virus with organic fruits, vegs, whole grains, wild salmon etc
  • Easy immune tip /game: check in on eating a rainbow each day: did you have blue,orange,green (from nature not chem lab!)

Dr. Greene:  How do you get kids to eat “immune helping” foods?

Ashley Koff: Make food visually appealing – why not “play” with food – colors, shapes etc. Love “noodling” greens & spaghetti squash 4 ex.

Dr. Greene:  Does organic matter when it comes to immune health?

Ashley Koff: There are foods that aid body’s natural detoxification efforts like organic lemons, limes, greens, mushrooms, purple&orange veggies.

Dr. Greene: Sugar is another huge issue. Are there any sweets you feel good about kids having?

Ashley Koff: Nature gives us lots of sweets, skip the one’s made in a chemistry lab!

Dr. Greene: If you could recommend 1 organic fruit/veggie to boost immunity for kids, what would it be?

Ashley Koff: Oh no u don’t! We never pick 1 favorite,nature blessed us with too many too choose! Mono-eating is NON-immune healthy

Dr. Greene: Do you recommend supplements for immune health?

Ashley Koff: No supplement 4 immune override poor diet/no sleep;I rec Symbiotics &probiotic+quality kid multi

Dr. Greene: Kids tend to get sick when they travel. Your ideas for keeping them healthy?

Ashley Koff: Travel w ur own utensils, as so many fingers often touch the plastic stuff. Also, bring a great scarf &play dress up wrap around neck and face especially when flying (you too parents!)

Dr. Greene: Avoid? Abdominal fat :)

Ashley Koff: Processed fats r no good 4 any of us,but processing fats from foods a mistake too;eat food as found in nature.






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