Symbiotics Lactoferrin


  • Promotes Normal Healthy G I Tract/li>
  • Supports healthy,balanced immune response*

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  • Promotes Normal Healthy G I Tract
  • Supports healthy, balanced immune response*

Lactoferrin helps coordinate the body’s immune response through several mechanisms of action.* Lactoferrin promotes intestinal health by scavenging iron and balancing healthy flora in the G I tract.* By modulating healthy levels of iron in the body, Lactoferrin plays a key role in maintaining overall health.*

Symbiotics 100% Lactoferrin is freeze dried to preserve maximum potency.* Extra processing enhances its protein structure to increase effectiveness.* Our Lactoferrin comes from USDA Grade A dairies that are hormone, pesticide, antibiotic and rBST free.

Quality and Purity Assured.Each bottle is double sealed to ensure quality and safety. If either seal is broken or missing, do not use and contact customer service. Store in a cool, dry place (below 75º F) and away from direct sunlight or heat.

Warning: If you have a physician-diagnosed health condition, we recommend consulting with your healthcare professional prior to taking dietary supplements.

Other Ingredients: Bovine Colostrum, Rice Flour, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Silicone Dioxide, Medium Chain Triglycerides,Sunflower Lecithin, Gelatin (capsule).
Directions: Take two capsules daily on an empty stomach with 8 oz. of water, or open capsules and sprinkle over a small amount of food.