Symbiotics unleashes colostrum with greater potency

Now with 25% IgG Antibodies!

The goodness of our original formulas are now enriched with more antibodies at 25% IgG, which delivers up to 34% more immunoglobulins (IgG) per capsule than our previous formulas.*

Symbiotics picks the cream of the crop

Colostrum is available in different concentrations, because cows naturally produce colostrum with varying levels of Immunoglobulins, PRPs and Lactoferrin.

Symbiotics uses only premium grade colostrum with laboratory-verified potency. Our colostrum is an instantized skim formula which provides for greater stability and shelf life, while offering consumers superior dissolution when mixing into various liquids.


Symbiotics colostrum has a higher concentration of immunoglobulins at 25% IgG, which delivers 34% more immunoglobulins than our previous formulas.*

Best Functionality

We use instantized colostrum to reduce the fat profile. Lower fat content means the products are more shelf-stable.

Instantized colostrum is easier to mix into a beverage form. This is important for people who supplement with 10 grams or more of colostrum daily. Smoothies should be… smooth. Check out some of our recipe ideas.

Three Delivery Systems

Symbiotics is available in three different delivery systems to serve consumers and their varying supplementation preferences:

  • Capsules
  • Powder
  • Chewables


Colostrum has been the subject of research into immune health, digestive health and lean muscle mass.* Our label claims are substantiated by reliable scientific research. If you have a health concern or disease condition and want to know if colostrum is suitable for you, please discuss your questions with your physician.