image Digestive-Friendly Smoothie Recipe image 5 Quick & Easy Ways to Improve Your Digestive Health

Top Five Exercises to Do At Home For Digestive Health

RD, Ashley Koff provided these great tips for digestive health.

  1.  Get moving – any kind will move your internal system.
  2. Chair twists – the key here is that you move your belly button not your shoulders so you may only be able to get to 2 or 10 (on a clock if 12 is straight ahead.)
  3. Push aways – from the table, when it comes to optimal digestion key is to keep your gut UNDERwhelmed, plus this is good for triceps.
  4. On your back knee bends – lie on the floor on your back and bring your knees into your chest one at a time or together and wrap your arms around them and give a little squeeze.
  5. 5 deep breaths: yeah breathing is an exercise and the one we tend to skip most! Breathe in through the nose for a 5 count, hold for a 4 count, exhale for a 6 count – that’s one breath – repeat 4 more times.
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